1,000+ 24hr Volume for QuadrigaCX

With the recent uptick in the interest of bitcoin, and increase in value that comes with it, QuadrigaCX maintains its leading position with 1,000+ 24hr volume, dwarfing the competition.  Volume, liquidity and security remain to be the core reasons why QuadrigaCX is Canada’s best bitcoin exchange.

BittyBot.co Now in Canada

BittyBot CanadaWe are excited to announce that BittyBot.co has added the CAD market to its site.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with BittyBot, it’s a Bitcoin Price Comparison Website that is used by both bitcoin newbies and seasoned traders.  The site aggregates bitcoin price data from an extensive list of Canadian and Canadian Dollar exchanges and marketplaces.  This gives those looking to buy, sell, trade and do arbitrage a one-stop resource to view everything at-a-glance so that you can take advantage of the best opportunities available, with the payment method you prefer.
Since trust is also very important, BittyBot pulls together rating and feedback scores from various reputations systems so you know exactly who you’re dealing with, their mission is to save you time and money.
You can view the site’s CAD data here: http://bittybot.co/ca/

Bitcoin Hits $400 CAD on QuadrigaCX

Bitcoin Hits $400 CAD on QuadrigaCX.com .

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Bitcoin Price in Canada

Bitcoin Price CanadaYou have several resources at your disposable to check the price of bitcoin in Canadian dollars.  You can try looking on the individual Canadian dollar bitcoin exchanges like QuadrigaCX, CaVirtex, Taurus, CoinTrader and Morrex for the bid, ask and last price bitcoin was traded for on their orderbooks or if you want a total average value of bitcoin you can visit CBIX.ca, BitcoinAverage.com or even Preev.com.

CBIX.ca provides the average price of bitcoin across QuadrigaCX, CaVirtex, Taurus and CoinTrader bitcoin exchanges, plus some excellent features and tools — BitcoinAverage.com only gives you an average of QuadrigaCX, CoinTrader and LocalBitcoins.

Preev.com takes the average of several U.S. dollar bitcoin exchanges along with the USD to CAD exchange rate to give you an approximate price of bitcoin in Canadian Dollars.

Here are the links to each: