You have 2 different types of cards to choose from when it comes to withdrawing fiat currency (Dollars, Euros etc.) from your bitcoin wallet or when you want to make a purchase. Below is a complete review of each option and its associated benefits.

1. Canadian Virtual Exchange will arm you with a pre-paid debit card for $10 which is easily loaded with cash, from your CaVirtex bitcoin wallet and trading account, for instant withdrawal from ATM machines and debit terminals world-wide.  With a daily load limit of $1,000 you can’t find anything else in Canada that compares.

To sign up for a FREE account visit their website here at, or follow the branding logo below.CaVirtex Debit Card



2.. Toronto-based Coinkite has a unique position in the marketplace.  They provide a Coinkite branded client card that lets you make purchases from your digital wallet in Bitcoin or Litecoin through their global payment terminals used by brick-and-mortar locations globally.  To order your card or point-of-sales terminal, follow the Coinkite image below.

Coinkite Debit Card





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    I have a paxful account, now i need to buy bits load money to my account how do i do this.How does it work. They have bit location in toronto

  • I am in Canada and have been using my debit cards with no issues so far. Whatever is in my bitcoin wallet balance is instantly spendable at any store that accepts VISA cards, that is hundreds of millions of locations world wide. I also am able to withdraw cash from bank machines (ATM) instantly with no wait time. Since Early 2014 the cards have made using bitcoin so much easier on me. The latest card I have is from I would recommend to anyone out there who wants to have the freedom to spend their bitcoin virtually anywhere they choose to.

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