Satoshi Dice – Known for it’s ease of use and provably fair model with house edge of only 1.90%, SatoshiDice has become the most popular bitcoin gambling site within its industry.

To play, first deposit bitcoin by sending it to Your Personal Deposit Address. You need to wait until the transaction gets 1 confirmation before the balance becomes available to place your bet.

  1. Set the Bet Amount.
  2. Adjust the Profit on Win, Roll Under to Win, Win Chance, Payout or the bet slider. The remaining bet parameters will automatically updated and you will see which number you have to roll under in order to win.
  3. Click Roll Dice, and a number between 0 and 65535 will be rolled.

If you lost, the bet amount will be taken from your balance. If you win, the Profit on Win will be awarded to your balance.  You can win up to 64,000 times your bet if there is enough bitcoin in the sites bank roll to support your bet.  The house will allow a maximum of 1% of it’s bank roll to be waged per bet/roll.  The max goes up or down periodically based on the win or loss history.

Each bitcoin wager has different odds, and each gives the house an edge of 1.90% (i.e., payouts are 98.1% when including the payout to the losing bets). The website shows the full list of wager addresses and odds.

You can verify that all rolls on the Satoshi Dice have been handled in a fair way by clicking a bet amount in the top list tabs under main game area. You will be taken to a separate page where you can verify thath the numbers add upp. The Provably Fair verification is even being done in your prowser automatically, and you can tinker with the variables to see that only the values supplied by the server will give the correct result.

You have the opportunity to be part of Satoshi Dice’s bankroll. The bankroll is the total of all investments into the site and you are paid according to your percentage of the house’s bankroll. Satoshi Dice uses a 1.9% house edge and investors get 50% of the house wins or losses. This means a 0.95% Expected Value (EV) that is shared by the investors.

Satoshi Dice is the best Bitcoin game in existence. Follow the branding logo below to test your luck today!

SatoshiDice Gamble Bitcoin Canada

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