Bitcoin ATM Niagara Region Locations

Bitcoin ATM NiagaraHere are some of the most popular bitcoin ATM locations in the Niagara Region:

The Head Shop Barber Shop – 20 Hartzel Road, St. Catharines

Big Bee Grocery and Food – 5869 Main St, Niagara Falls

If you know of any others feel free to comment and we’ll add them.

Bitcoin ATM Vancouver Locations

Bitcoin ATM Vancouver

Here are some of the most popular bitcoin ATM locations in Downtown Vancouver:

Kanata Tech Computers – 1425 Marine Dr, West Vancouver

Steamrollers – 1195 Robson Street, Vancouver

Lost and Found Cafe – 33 W Hastings St, Vancouver

Waves Coffee House – 900 Howe Street, #100 Vancouver

If you know of any others feel free to comment and we’ll add them.

Bitcoin ATM Toronto Locations

Lamassu Bitcoin ATM

Here are some of the most popular bitcoin ATM locations in Downtown Toronto:

Project OWL – 20 Camden St, Toronto

Dueling Grounds – 1193 Bloor St W Toronto

Toronto Gold  829 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Xagau Coin, Bullion & Currency Desk – 589 Yonge St, Toronto

DeCentral – 123 Spadina Avenue, Toronto

Metropolitan Pharmacy – 4G Spadina Ave, Toronto
If you know of any others please feel free to let us know by adding it in the “comments” section below.

QuadrigaCX Launches ATMs

QuadrigaCX ATMsA new fleet of BitXATM machines is set to launch across Canada in the coming months.

QuadrigaCX, Canada’s largest Bitcoin exchange, has big plans to install their new SumoPro two-way bitcoin ATMs in prime locations across the country. These units will be delivered in batches of five and placed in several major cities including Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

In 2014, CAVIRTEX attempted a similar rollout of BitAccess bitcoin ATMs, installing them in Gateway Newstands across Canada. The experiment was far from successful, and the company shut down the endeavor a few months later. They ended up selling off their machines at a substantial loss.

While the locations gave the CAVIRTEX bitcoin ATMs high visibility, their failure has been attributed to the fact that they were inadequately staffed and prone to malfunction, with little to no troubleshooting support.

 Quadriga said this new rollout will be different.

“We are excited to finally be bringing some functional and beautiful two-way bitcoin ATM machines to Canada,” said Cotten.

 He explained that the new BitXATM devices are among the most reliable, intuitive and user-friendly bitcoin ATMs on the market. It features an industry-leading 17-inch touch screen that promises to promote ease-of-use. Furthermore, the rollout will happen in small batches, allowing for time to ensure that each new machine is supported and operating properly from the outset.

“We’ve done our research,” says Cotten. “We know the owners of every major bitcoin ATM company. We have used many of them and spoken to previous owners. We have conducted extensive due diligence and feel as though our track record with regard to bitcoin ATM distribution across Canada will allow us to continue to provide a superior service.”

QuadrigaCX has been responsible for installing the first Lamassu and Skyhook units in Canada. Since then, they have placed more than 40 machines across the country.

The world’s first bitcoin ATM, the Robocoin at Waves, was launched by Bitcoiniacs in Vancouver at the end of 2013. Quadriga installed the second bitcoin machine, Canada’s first Lamassu, three months later. The company went on to purchase and install more than a dozen additional Lamassu machines across Canada last year, as well as Canada’s first Skyhook.

Like most other independently owned bitcoin ATMs across Canada, these machines will trade on the Quadriga CX platform. These new BitXATM machines also will be modified to allow for direct cash deposits and withdrawals from customers’ Quadriga CX balances.

Cotten expects to launch the first of the new machines in the heart of downtown Vancouver in early June. Transactions will carry an introductory zero-percent fee as users become acquainted with the new bitcoin ATMs.

CaVirtex ATM Locations

CaVirtex ATM LocationsCaVirtex is excited to announce that their Bitcoin ATMs (BTM’s) are up and running.  It was with great pride that CaVirtex placed the ATMs in prime locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, and Niagara Falls. You can buy Bitcoin instantly in person with Canadian cash. All you need is a cell phone that can accept text messages. All CaVirtex Bitcoin ATM’s are connected to their exchange so you can be sure you are getting the best execution from Canada’s largest and most liquid Bitcoin exchange. CaVirtex Bitcoin ATM’s are located in prime locations for your convenience. Below are the locations of their Bitcoin ATM’s, including the Ottawa location:

•       Bayshore Shopping Centre (100 Bayshore Dr., Nepean)
•       Scarborough Town Centre (300 Borough Drive, Scarborough)
•       Yonge and St. Clair (2 St Clair Ave. W., Toronto)
•       Greyhound Bus Terminal (610 Bay St., Toronto)
•       Brookfield Place (181 Bay St., Toronto)
•       Square One (100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga)
•       Yorkdale Shopping Centre (3401 Dufferin Street, Toronto)
•       Casino Niagara (5705 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls)

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CaVirtex Bitcoin ATMs

CaVirtex ATMsCanadian bitcoin exchange CaVirtex took to social media on Tuesday to tease a little something our Canadian bitcoin friends might find exciting.

The company is apparently planning to deploy a small network of bitcoin ATMs in Canada. With little other information, the company posted two images on their official Twitter account.

The first image depicted a lone unit branded with the famous Canadian flag. The second, a series of units. Eight of them to be exact. Not a terrible lot more is known about the deployment of the network, thought he company did indicate that one of the units would be destined for Ottawa.

That’s no surprise, either. The machines appear to be manufactured by Ottawa-based BitAccess. The devices feature AML/KYC security measures, and also allow for two-way transactions. That means customers can either buy bitcoin with fiat, or sell their bitcoin in exchange for fiat.

To trade with CaVirtex sign up here: Register

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Bitcoin ATM in Regina Canada

Bitcoin ATM ReginaWhen it comes to Canada and ATMs, Vancouver is certainly king. But now, Regina is the latest city to receive its first-ever Bitcoin ATM, which was unveiled on Thursday at Triffon’s Pizza on Kramer Boulevard in Regina as well. Saskatchewan’s first Bitcoin ATM was launched earlier this year in Saskatoon, and there are plans for three more machines in Regina over the next few months.

Coinkite POS Terminals

Coinkite CardsAre you looking for a Bitcoin and Litecoin merchant payment solution? Canadian-based Coinkite is the latest entry into the Point of Sale terminal market.

Bringing Bitcoin to the masses is Coinkite. Coinkite provides merchant services to assist in Bitcoin transactions, primarily at the terminal with Point of Sale services (POS) and debit cards.

One issue currently with Bitcoin adaptation is at the point of sale level. With Coinkite’s Bitcoin debit card, people can use the Bitcoins they’ve mined or bought right at the merchant’s terminal. This eliminates the need to convert your Bitcoins to dollars or other local currency. The Coinkite POS terminal allows a direct and secure connection to a user’s Bitcoin wallet. A merchant who wishes to accept Bitcoins and Litecoins cannot use a standard credit card terminal. Traditional payment processors will not allow the use of Bitcoin with their terminals. Coinkite’s new terminal hardware is riding the new wave of payment processing.

Coinkite is also a digital wallet. This is the method in which Bitcoins are stored. A debit card that is linked to your digital wallet allows you to use your Bitcoins wherever they are accepted. Coinkite’s innovation allows consumers to make full use of their Bitcoin resources. The wallet can also be accessed through a user-friendly web interface. This also provides strong security, as the interface uses two-factor authentication to verify a user’s identity.

The hardware POS terminal provides a great deal of value. The terminal connects to the user’s Bitcoin wallet through either the existing cellular telephone network or via WiFi connection. The debit card grants the user the most freedom. The innovative engineers at Coinkite have implemented a system of QR codes linked to user’s digital wallet to allow anyone to transfer payments to any other holder of a Bitcoin wallet. With a paper receipt providing proof of transactions, Coinkite’s terminal can speed the adoption by a wider user base of the Bitcoin standard. By providing a secure method of Bitcoin transactions in a brick-and-mortar institution, Coinkite is increasing awareness and adoption of the Bitcoin currency standard.

The advent of these Bitcoin-based terminal and POS technology marks a change in the public trust. By providing direct, secure Bitcoin merchant services, companies like Coinkite are advancing the nature of business transactions. The state of the art in consumer-based cryptography is used to secure the consumer’s Bitcoin and Litecoin assets and to facilitate economic transactions.

Ottawa Hosts ATM

RoboCoin ATM ScreenshotOttawa is now 1 of 3 Canadian cites to host a BTC ATM.  With Montreal and Calgary soon to have their first and Toronto getting another, Canada will have the most for any country in the world.

The initial two machines for Vancouver and Toronto are created and owned by Robocoin, while Ottawa’s is developed by BitAccess.

Bitcoin ATM – Toronto

Bitcoin ATM TorontoToronto launches its first Bitcoin ATM within bitcoin-business incubator so that the everyday consumer has instant access to buying the crypto-currency – which will also help normalize it.  Within a few week users will also be able to exchange their bitcoin for dispensed cash. Read the full article here on Toronto Life.