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QuadrigaCX LogoIn Canada, QuadrigaCX is the leading and most respected exchange in the country.  They operate just like a stock exchange but facilitate “buy” and “sell” orders for bitcoin trades and merchant transactions – trading with other crypto-currencies likely to be added in the coming future.

Since QuadrigaCX is the most trusted and has the highest trading volume, it’s truly the best place for both newbies and seasoned investors to start.  Additionally, they are also one of the only bitcoin exchanges in the world to offer you quick and easy withdrawals with an Interac e-Transfer.

You can get started with a FREE QuadrigaCX account today, simply click the branding logo below.

QuadrigaCX Bitcoin Exchange

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Vogogo & QuadrigaCX Press Release

Vogogo Bitcoin ProcessorPayment Processing specialist Vogogo Inc. (TSX VENTURE:VGO) today announced signed contracts with Bitcoin exchanges QuadrigaCX and BitMEX.

Vancouver-based QuadrigaCX is the leading Canadian Bitcoin exchange, offering a highly sophisticated trading platform as well as an online/offline merchant program. The majority of ATMs in Canada trade on QuadrigaCX and it was the first Bitcoin exchange in North America to obtain a Money Services Business (MSB) license.

Hong Kong-based BitMEX is the only centrally cleared Bitcoin derivatives exchange. BitMEX offers commercial hedgers, Bitcoin miners, and professional investors and traders the ability to exchange Bitcoin risk.

It is expected that both exchanges will integrate with Vogogo’s payment processing and risk management platform enabling each to offer users of their respective platforms seamless transactions between Bitcoin and fiat currencies in the US and Canada, with the EU expected in Q1, 2015.

Vogogo will continue to test and scale its payment processing and risk management platform through the remainder of Q4, 2014 and anticipates reaching commercial trading volumes in Q1, 2015.

Vogogo CEO Geoff Gordon said of the announcement, “Integrating cutting edge Crypto exchanges such as QuadrigaCX and BitMEX is another significant step in our established growth strategy. It is also another validation of the value new and innovative Crypto exchanges are placing in the Vogogo platform to help them access and transact seamlessly with traditional banking networks.”

“I look forward to working with Vogogo and integrating their innovative payment solutions with the QuadrigaCX Bitcoin trading platform,” said Gerald Cotten, Founder & CEO of QuadrigaCX. “With Vogogo’s experience in processing payments for the cryptocurrency industry, I’m confident that their services will simplify and expedite the funding and withdrawal process for our clients.”

BitMEX Co-founder and CEO, Arthur Hayes said, “Partnering with Vogogo will allow BitMEX to offer fiat margined contracts, and expand the sophistication and breadth of our product offerings.”

Vogogo is a TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”) publicly traded payment services company with integrated risk management and compliance. Founded in 2008, Vogogo designed, built and launched its web-based payment processing technology while growing its expertise in software development, payments, risk management, compliance and related financial services. Vogogo is now executing on its plan to serve global markets. The plan focuses on market opportunities where Vogogo believes it has a competitive advantage due to its positioning and technology.

For further company information please view the Vogogo Media Kit.

About QuadrigaCX:

With offices in Vancouver, BC, QuadrigaCX is the leading Canadian Bitcoin exchange, often No. 1 by volume on BitcoinAverage.com. Quadriga offers the most sophisticated trading platform in Canada, an online/offline merchant program, and has placed numerous Bitcoin ATMs around Canada. The vast majority of ATMs in Canada trade on QuadrigaCX. QuadrigaCX was the first Bitcoin exchange in North America to obtain an MSB license. QuadrigaCX is also the only exchange in Canada to offer a gold/Bitcoin (XAU/XBT) order book.

QuadrigaCX Certified Bitcoin Professionals

logochangedTo ensure the highest level of customer service for QuadrigaCX customers, all QuadrigaCX employees have earned a “Bitcoin Certified Professional” certificate and license number issued by the Crypto Currency Certification Consortium. They are the first Bitcoin exchange in Canada to embrace the high standards that have been put in place by C4 and look forward to other cryptocurrency companies following suit.  To learn more about C4 or QuadrigaCX, follow these links:  QuadrigaCX Bitcoin Exchange

Crypto Currency Certification Consortium

CaVirtex ATM Locations

CaVirtex ATM LocationsCaVirtex is excited to announce that their Bitcoin ATMs (BTM’s) are up and running.  It was with great pride that CaVirtex placed the ATMs in prime locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, and Niagara Falls. You can buy Bitcoin instantly in person with Canadian cash. All you need is a cell phone that can accept text messages. All CaVirtex Bitcoin ATM’s are connected to their exchange so you can be sure you are getting the best execution from Canada’s largest and most liquid Bitcoin exchange. CaVirtex Bitcoin ATM’s are located in prime locations for your convenience. Below are the locations of their Bitcoin ATM’s, including the Ottawa location:

•       Bayshore Shopping Centre (100 Bayshore Dr., Nepean)
•       Scarborough Town Centre (300 Borough Drive, Scarborough)
•       Yonge and St. Clair (2 St Clair Ave. W., Toronto)
•       Greyhound Bus Terminal (610 Bay St., Toronto)
•       Brookfield Place (181 Bay St., Toronto)
•       Square One (100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga)
•       Yorkdale Shopping Centre (3401 Dufferin Street, Toronto)
•       Casino Niagara (5705 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls)

Start now by creating your FREE CaVirtex account and online wallet to deposit your bitcoins.  Sign up here: CaVirtex Account & Bitcoin Wallet

CaVirtex Accepts INTERAC Online

Cavirtex Interac OnlineCaVirtex, Canadian Bitcoin Exchange just recently added INTERAC Online as a deposit method. Therefore if you have a TD, Scotia, BMO or RBC bank card that is non-VISA Debit you are able to use INTERAC Online as a payment option to fund your account.  How it works is that you be will sent to a payment gateway and simply select  the amount and the bank in which you would like to withdraw your funds from.  You will then be sent to your bank’s site where you will login and see the transaction processed along with the funds debited from your account.  It’s that easy.  Props to CaVirtex for adding INTERAC Online to their wheelhouse of payment options.  To create your FREE account with CaVirtex sign up here: CaVirtex Account

FINTRAC Confirms BTC Rules not in Force

fintrac-logoAs expected, FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) has confirmed that changes to the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorism Financing Act included in Bill C-31 will not cover individuals or businesses that use virtual currencies for buying and selling goods and services.

The statement also specifies that “the changes will come into force once regulations are published in the Canada Gazette, meaning that they are not yet in force.

Through informal discussions with various regulators, the Bitcoin Foundation Canada has received information that the regulations which still need to be drafted would most likely not be published before 2015. These clarifications come two weeks after the Bitcoin Foundation Canada’s Bitcoin Legal and Regulatory Update and a few days after the BFC published a report entitled “Bitcoin and the law”.

Once published, the regulations should clarify exactly which types of business models would be covered by the changes. The recent FINTRAC comments confirm that virtual currency exchanges will be covered by the existing rules of Canada’s anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regime.

The statement doesn’t mention any other Bitcoin-specific business models being affected by the changes of Bill C-31. However, according to Jillian Friedman, “depending on the business model and the scope of pending regulatory amendments, a Bitcoin ATM operation may be considered a money service business.”

Moreover, discussions with various government representatives have led us to conclude that no sweeping new laws or regulatory regimes such as Ben Lawsky’s “BitLicenses” are being considered in Canada at this time. This reinforces our belief that Canada could assert itself a major international Bitcoin hub.

These clarifications stand in contrast to a 2013 Ministry of Finance memo highlighting Bitcoin’s risks recently released to the media and should be interpreted by the Bitcoin community as a reasonable attempt by the government to mitigate risks of money laundering.

Clearly, the opinions and attitudes of Canadian authorities are evolving as their knowledge of Bitcoin increases, thanks to the efforts of Bitcoin advocates all across Canada.

Link to article on BitcoinFoundation.ca: http://btcfoundation.ca/canadas-financial-regulator-fintrac-confirms-new-bitcoin-rules-not-yet-in-force-and-wont-cover-individuals-and-businesses-that-use-bitcoin-for-sales-and-purchases/

LocalBitcoins New Features

Buy Bitcoins with CashBelow are some highlights from LocalBitcoins and the bitcoin world.

  • Secure your account with login guard
  • Quick sell: Cash out bitcoins faster and safer
  • Floating prices in cash trade: friendlier in bitcoin market fluctuation situations
  • HMAC authentication option recommended for API users

Secure your account with login guard

Login guard is a new feature for your LocalBitcoins user account. If you choose to turn on the login guard option you will receive an extra email confirmation for all login attempts from web browsers the site has not seen before. LocalBitcoins recommends turning on both two-factor authentication and login guard for protecting bitcoins in your wallet.

You can find login guard under your Account security settings.

Quick sell: Cash out bitcoins faster and safer

LocalBitcoins has released a faster and safer way to sell your bitcoins: Quick sell. The new feature is especially helpful when paying bills with bitcoin.

Quick sell goes through all matching buy advertisements from reputable traders on LocalBitcoins. It chooses the advertisement with the best exchange rate and then makes a trade request.

Floating prices in cash trade: friendlier in bitcoin market fluctuation situations

Usually the price for bitcoin is determined at the moment of opening a trade request. However this might not be very fair for local cash trade where negotiation and agreement for the meeting may take days during which bitcoin exchange rate may change radically. Now floating priceoption is the default for local cash sells on LocalBitcoins. When you have a sell advertisement for cash, the price is determined on the moment of trade finished (escrow release).

See floating price option on your local sell advertisement edit screen.

HMAC authentication option recommended for API users

For developers, it is now possible to access the LocalBitcoins API using HMAC authentication instead of OAuth 2. This new authentication method is more suitable and secure for your own scripts and non-distributed applications. We suggest to use it whenever possible.

Happy bitcoining!

LocalBitcoins staff

CaVirtex Bitcoin ATMs

CaVirtex ATMsCanadian bitcoin exchange CaVirtex took to social media on Tuesday to tease a little something our Canadian bitcoin friends might find exciting.

The company is apparently planning to deploy a small network of bitcoin ATMs in Canada. With little other information, the company posted two images on their official Twitter account.

The first image depicted a lone unit branded with the famous Canadian flag. The second, a series of units. Eight of them to be exact. Not a terrible lot more is known about the deployment of the network, thought he company did indicate that one of the units would be destined for Ottawa.

That’s no surprise, either. The machines appear to be manufactured by Ottawa-based BitAccess. The devices feature AML/KYC security measures, and also allow for two-way transactions. That means customers can either buy bitcoin with fiat, or sell their bitcoin in exchange for fiat.

To trade with CaVirtex sign up here: Register

Read more here: http://newsbtc.com/2014/07/29/canadian-bitcoin-exchange-cavirtex-teases-bitcoin-atms/

CaVirtex Slashes Trading Fees!


The Bitcoin exchange business is rapidly growing around the world. To stay competitive CaVirtex are drastically reducing thier fees! Unlike other exchanges, they give you credit for 120 days of BTC volume, not just 30, so if you trade 100 BTC and 3 months pass, you would still qualify for our second fee level of 0.6%!  Fee structure is below.  If you don’t already have an account and want to take advantage of this killer offer, sign up here: CaVirtex Sign-Up

120 Day BTC Volume – Fee
Less than 100 0.75%
Less than 200 0.6%
Less than 300 0.5%
Less than 400 0.4%
Less than 600 0.3%
Greater than 600 0.2%

Create your account here: FREE Account

QuadrigaCX Accepts Gold for BTC

QuadrigaCXQuadrigaCX Logo, Canadian bitcoin exchange now accepts your gold bullion in exchange for bitcoin.  This is what they accept:

  • Any gold bullion (coin or bar) issued by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Any gold coins or bars issued by the following mints: The United States Mint, The Perth Mint, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, NTR Metals, Johnson Matthey and Engelhard.
  • If you have gold bullion issued by any other issuing authority, contact them prior to sending the bullion.
  • The gold bullion will be tested for authenticity

Within 48 hours of receiving your bullion, your account will be funded.

To trade gold for bullion or learn more, sign up here:  QuadrigaCX Gold Bullion Funding