CaVirtex Accepts Cash & Debit

CaVirtex Colourful BitcoinYou asked for it and now it’s here!  Through CaVirtex’s new partnership with Money Mart you can now take cash or use your Debit card to make a deposit into your CaVirtex account.  Money Mart only charges $1.99 for you to use this service.  To get started simply login into your CaVirtex account, select “Deposit Fund” from the left rail then proceed to the “Deposit CAD” area where you will select “In-Person Bill Payment” from the drop down menu of deposit options.  Below is a snapshot of the procedure and what to look for to create the invoice you will bring into Money Mart or InstaCheques.  If you don’t already have a CaVirtex account you can sign up for a FREE one here: Free CaVirtex Account


Cash Deposit with Money Mart Procedure

How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash?

Buy Bitcoins with CashThis method was the earliest of those adopted and remains the most popular.   You simply look for sellers that allow you make a cash deposit at the bank of your choice (you don’t need to have an account with that bank) and place your order.  The seller will then provide the account information you need to go to the teller with cash and make the deposit into their account.  The cash will be available in their account instantly and upon uploading a copy of the receipt through LocalBitcoins “Attach Document” feature, below the message box, the seller will then verify the details and release your bitcoins from escrow.

Make Money With Vault of Satoshi

Vault of Satoshi Affiliate ProgramVault of Satoshi has recently launched its affiliate program where you can make money by promoting their exchange.  Vault of Satoshi will give you 40% of their commission on all coin to fiat or fiat to coin trades and $9.00 per month reoccurring if someone signs up for their unlimited trading plan.  Various method of promotion are referring to friends and family through email, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.  You may also try launching your own campaigns on Google AdWords or Bing.  To start making money with Vault of Satoshi sign up for a FREE account here: Vault of Satoshi Affiliate Program

Buy Bitcoin with Western Union & Visa

Western Union BitcoinIn Canada with Western Union you can send up to $950 with Visa® or MasterCard®.

You can send more through other methods and if you bank with ScotiaBank or BMO you can also use their services to send money through online banking, including a mobile device with ScotiaBank Mobile Banking.

To send money online see here:

To send money via phone call 1-800-235-0000 or see here:

To send money through a Western Union Location or Agent see here:


1) Make Trade Request on

2) Take note of “Bank Transfer Details” automatically sent to you and then pay Western Union within 180 minutes. Do NOT mark as “paid” until you have actually paid. You are responsible for any Western Union fees so please send payment in full amount.

3) After sending payment through Western Union, please upload a photo or scan of the Western Union receipt using LocalBitcoins‘ messaging function.

4) Seller will collect payment and release your bitcoin from escrow.

 Give’er a go.  You can trust pretty much any seller on LocalBitcoins that has a 100% feedback score.

Free CaVirtex Debit Card

CaVirtex Bitcoin Debit Card

CaVirtex has just announced that it will be giving away free bitcoin debit cards to its consumers. It is just a phone call or an email away, and will be a great way to facilitate money rotation in the market, which will only facilitate the clients and the market. Moreover, recent analysis has shown that the bank accounts are safe for the clients who are trading in the bitcoin market. The improved security feature will only improve the trust of the clients and this will probably work in favour of CaVirtex. It has also been reported that CaVirtex is dropping the fee of deposits to $5. It may seem minor, but it does help consumers a lot who want to take out cash frequently. Such conveniences in the bitcoin market show that Canadian Virtual Exchange has a lot of growth potential.  Click here to sign up for your CaVirtex account.

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VirtEx Litecoin Trading

Litecoin_LogoCanadian Virtual Exchange is now equipped for Litecoin trading.  You can fund your account to buy LTC with your VirtEx cash balance or trade Bitcoin for Litecoin and vice versa.  For more information visit the site at


Buy with Visa & MasterCard

Local Bitcoins Logo 2In Canada you can now buy Bitcoins with Visa® or MasterCard® using Western Union – limit is up to $950 per transaction for this payment method.

You can send more money with other methods and if you bank with ScotiaBank or BMO you can also use their services to send money through online banking, including a mobile device with ScotiaBank Mobile Banking. Western Union Bitcoin purchases can be placed through several sellers on the marketplace.

Free Bitcoin E-Book

Bitcoin Images2FREE Bitcoin e-Book.  Follow link and then share if this is of value to you and any others you can think of.  Here you go: Bitcoin e-Book

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CaVirtex Increases Debit Card Limit

Credit Cards 1Today CaVirtex, Canadian Bitcoin exchange, increased their debit card load limit from a daily total  of $600 to $1,000.  Check out their site for more details: