Free CaVirtex Debit Card

CaVirtex Bitcoin Debit Card

CaVirtex has just announced that it will be giving away free bitcoin debit cards to its consumers. It is just a phone call or an email away, and will be a great way to facilitate money rotation in the market, which will only facilitate the clients and the market. Moreover, recent analysis has shown that the bank accounts are safe for the clients who are trading in the bitcoin market. The improved security feature will only improve the trust of the clients and this will probably work in favour of CaVirtex. It has also been reported that CaVirtex is dropping the fee of deposits to $5. It may seem minor, but it does help consumers a lot who want to take out cash frequently. Such conveniences in the bitcoin market show that Canadian Virtual Exchange has a lot of growth potential.  Click here to sign up for your CaVirtex account.

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